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Public Notices

Property owners, rate payers and other interested
parties served or to be served by the waterworks
of the Town of Nashville are hereby notifi ed that
the proper legal offi cers of said Municipal Corporation
at the regular meeting place at Town Hall
at 7:00p.m. on December 22, 2009 will consider
adoption of an Ordinance establishing rates and
charges for services rendered by the waterworks
which provides in part as follows:
SECTION 1- There shall be and are hereby established
for use of water supplied by the waterworks
system of the Town of Nashville, Indiana, the following
rates and charges:
Usage - Rate per 1,000 Gallons:
Inside Town: First 10,000 gallons - $8.79; Over
10,000 gallons - $7.54.
Outside Town: First 10,000 gallons - $11.48; Over
10,000 gallons - $8.86.
Each user shall pay a service charge in accordance
with the following applicable size of meter
installed. The service charge shall be in addition
to the above metered rates. Meter Size - Inside
Town and Outside Town Monthly Charges: 5/8”
meter - $5.91; _” meter - $6.45; 1” meter - $8.98;
1 _” meter - $11.42; 2” meter - $31.40; 3” meter
- $41.09; 4” meter - $117.83; 6” meter - $159.23;
8” meter - $208.28.
TEMPORARY USERS: Water furnished to temporary
users such as contractors, etc. shall be
charged on the basis of the metered rates hereinbefore
set forth as estimated and established by the
Town Administration.
hydrants, per hydrant $554.29.
shall pay a minimum monthly charge equal to
2,000 gallons of water usage each month applied
to the appropriate metered rate plus any additional
charges dictated by this Ordinance.
TAP CHARGE: At the time of connection with the
waterworks system each user shall pay a charge to
cover the basic costs of excavating and tapping the
main, furnishing and installing twenty (20) feet of
service pipe from the main to the water meter; furnishing
and installing corporation and stop valves;
and furnishing and installing meter crock (if outside),
yoke, and meter. The basic charge for a 5/8”
meter tap shall be $1,200.00. Any 5/8” meter tap
requiring work or materials beyond that described
above shall be charged for any additional cost of
labor, material, power, machinery, transportation
and overhead incurred for installing the tap, but
shall not be less than the basic charge for a 5/8”
meter tap. The charge for a tap larger than the
5/8” meter tap shall be the cost of labor, materials,
power, machinery, transportation, and overhead
incurred for installing the tap, but shall not be less
than the basic charge for a 5/8” meter tap. Whenever
the extension of water service requires work
over and above that of a 5/8” water meter tap, an
additional review fee of $175.00 shall be charged
and is to be paid prior to beginning the review.
Whenever this review requires work and or materials
in excess of six (6) hours and/or $175.00, then
the review fee shall be based on time and materials
used in performing the review.
ACCOUNT DEPOSITS: Each user shall pay an
account deposit of $75.00 prior to providing service.
Whenever service is disconnected for nonpayment
each user shall be required to provide
a deposit equal to the highest monthly service
charge or $75.00 whichever is greater prior to reinstating
is turned off for non-payment of bill, or whenever
for any reason beyond the control of the waterworks
a re-establishment of service is required
by any one customer, a charge of $40.00 during
business hours and $60.00 after business hours
will be made by the waterworks to cover the cost
of discontinuance and re-establishment of service.
The reconnection charge, together with all other
outstanding rates and charges due the waterworks,
shall be paid by the customer before service will be
re-established. Should any service account remain
inactive for a period of three (3) months or longer
the charge shall increase to $95.00 for reactivation
of the account. Any service connection inactive for
a period of 18 months shall be subject to the same
administrative rules as new service connections.
a check, draft, or other instrument tendered to the
utility for water service is dishonored by the bank
or other institution upon which it is drawn, for any
reason, the customer shall be charged $30.00 per
such dishonored check and this charge will appear
on the billing statement and will be due upon receipt.
BILLING: Such rates and charges shall be prepared,
billed and collected by the Town in the
manner provided by law and Ordinance. a) The
rates and charges for all users shall be prepared
and billed monthly.
Bills will be dated and mailed on the 3rd day of
each month. Bills for water service are due and
payable at the business offi ce of the municipality
or to any designated agent on their date of issue.
The past due date shall be the 17th day after the
date of issue. b) The rates and charges may be
billed to the tenant or tenants occupying the properties
served, if requested by the owner in writing,
but such billing shall in no way relieve the owner
from the liability in the event payment is not
made as herein required. The owners of properties
served, which are occupied by a tenant or tenants,
shall have the right to examine the collection records
for the Town for the purpose of determining
whether bills have been paid by such tenant or tenants,
provided that such examination shall be made
at the offi ce at which said records are kept and
during the hours that such offi ce is open for business.
c) All rates and charges not paid when due
are hereby declared to be delinquent and a penalty
of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the rates
and/or charges shall thereupon be added thereto
per month. The time at which such rates and/or
charges shall be paid is now fi xed at seventeen (17)
days after the date of mailing of the bill. d) If any
bill has a delinquent amount due, as of the date of
issue, the delinquent amount must be paid within
ten (10) days of the date of issue of that bill. If the
delinquent amount is not paid within this ten (10)
day period, the water supply to the customer may
be discontinued without further notice.
hereby further authorized to enter into special rate
contracts with customers of the waterworks where
clearly defi nable cost to the waterworks can be
determined, and such special rates shall be based
on such costs.
SECTION II: All Ordinances and parts of Ordinances
in confl ict herewith are hereby repealed.
The invalidity of any section, clause, sentence or
provision of this Ordinance shall not affect the validity
of any other part of this Ordinance which can
be given effect without such invalid part or parts.
SECTION III: The rates and charges as herein set
forth shall become effective on the __ day of ____,
200___billing period.
BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, that this Ordinance
shall be in full force and effect from and after
its passage and approval by the Town Council
of the Town of Nashville.
December 2, 9, 2009 09-347

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Josephine Lee Cueto, 62, Morgantown
  Daughter of Priscilla Burgmeier of Nashville

Mary 'Jane' Kollman, 92, Nashville
  Mother of Janet (Tom) Gaskins of Nashville

Charlotte K. (Adkins) Wilson, 67, Franklin
  Former resident of Brown County

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