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School board candidate announcements


Appointed in September 2007 to the Brown County Schools Board, I, Carolyn V. Bowden, am seeking re-election.


The opportunity to work with Brown County Schools for the past 30 years as the facilities and transportation administrator was a true gift for me. After I retired in August 2009, I realized how much I missed being a member of the Brown County Schools team. I also want to give back to BCS because the school system has meant so much to me. I’m asking for your support as a candidate for Brown County Schools Board of School Trustees.

My educational experience includes a bachelor of arts in art and sociology, as well as extensive training in school operations and administration. My three decades of board level interaction and decision making experience have given me a deep understanding of public school operations in the state of Indiana. I have always believed in giving back, and I’ve been fortunate to serve our community in the following volunteer capacities:

President, Brown County Library Board;

President, Mother’s Cupboard Community Kitchen;

Member, Brown County Historical Society Board of Directors;

Past Vice President, Area Planning Commission;

Past member, Brown County CRC Interdisciplinary Committee; and

Member, Brown County Community Foundation Nominating Committee.

I’m very aware of and have an open mind regarding the challenges we face in education. I have no hidden agendas or axes to grind, only the willingness to work hard for the citizens (including our youngest) of Brown County. Your support would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please call Doug Cauble at 988-6805.

— Written by Doug Cauble


I am running for a second term on the Brown County School Board because I believe I have been an asset for our children and this community.

I have been serving as your vice president for the past two years.

I retired with 20 years in the Brown County school system, teaching in the Title I program for 12 years, then heading their Parent Involvement program and being Title I administrative assistant for my last eight years. I retired in May 2002, then ran successfully for a seat on the school board in 2006.

I also served on the Brown County Parks and Recreation board for 11 years, and was a part of securing and developing Deer Run Park.

During my time on the school board, we initiated full-day kindergarten.

We implemented the Balanced Literacy program, incorporating the use of Just Right Books and a writing program to increase the children’s ability to read and write.

We remodeled entrances (line of sight) at four schools and are in the process of completing the final two, so that no one can enter unannounced.

In 2007, the board partnered with your teachers in an ongoing Math Initiative.

We have put in place a new program to expedite the way you can handle your children’s breakfast and lunch monies, while keeping everything private.

We are also in the process of seeking corporation-wide North Central Accreditation, as education should be an unbroken continuum resulting in the successful graduation of our students.

I believe that schools exist for our children, not our children for schools. Therefore, I and your present school board have worked very hard to provide quality teachers, administrators, programs and safe buildings for your children to have a successful and safe learning environment.

I want the best education we can provide for our children, while being prudent with the spending of your tax dollars. We have been striving to do this by meeting each January for the past four years, making cuts to our General Fund, trying to bring our budget into balance. While attempting to accomplish this and not taking away from your children, we solicited input from our entire school community and county residents. This has been, and will be, an ongoing work until this is accomplished.

I believe we need to keep communication lines open with the community. Involving the community allows you to have a voice, and be a viable part of what is happening in your schools. I have listened to an answered any questions you have asked about, to the best of my ability. Also, our superintendent writes a column for The Democrat every two weeks, keeping you informed on what the school board is doing and what’s going on in your school system.

If you think I have done a good job working for your children, listening to what you have to say and being prudent with your tax dollars, I would appreciate your vote this May.

— Written by Judy Hardwick


I, John Mills, am running for re-election for school board in the May 4, 2010 primary election, which is also the final and non-partisan election for school board. Voting for school board candidates is countywide.

During the three-plus years of my board membership I have been president of the Finance Board and have been involved in placing funds on hand where they are both safe and receiving the highest available rate of interest. I have attended Insurance Committee meetings where a group of employees, administrators and board members determine the terms of the schools’ self-insured health plan. I have advocated, in every way I could think of, signing up for free or reduced price lunch and breakfast for anyone who qualifies, pointing out the many additional benefits to students, some teachers and school finance.

The following initiatives that I have advocated and feel particularly good about show my interests and intent as a school board member. I feel honored by their realization:

1. Everyone associated with our schools must be treated fairly, always. That does not mean that preferences are always granted; but unequal, arbitrary treatment is unacceptable, regardless of the person’s status.

2. Receiving free or reduced price lunch is now actually a private matter due to the use of computerized lunch lines, which accesses each student’s pre-paid account. Payments into the account can be accepted in the lunch line, but giving change is not allowed. Formerly, receiving change identified non-subsidized students to nearby observers and, by omission, suggested who was subsidized.

3. In 2007, The “Math Initiative” was begun to reorganize the math curriculum with emphasis on an unbroken continuum of essential computational skills. It was teacher initiated and executed, which gives them ownership and a will to make it work.

This, together with the earlier reading and writing program, which is ongoing, has been a genuine effort to emphasize the basics. This “Math Initiative” and the reading and writing program offer a real potential for our children to prepare themselves for lifelong learning.

4. About six months after I joined the board, the huge General Fund deficit came to light. It had been hard to anticipate because of the multi-year delay in tax billing. As a result, my focus had to shift to cutting the budget while minimizing damage to educational function rather than class size reduction, the heart of my previous campaign. Some priorities, which I proposed, were shared by others and followed. They are:

a). Non-personnel cuts first (previously 13 percent of the General Fund was not personnel vs. 8 percent currently)

b). Teachers cut last

c). Personnel reduction by attrition, when possible

d). Spread the cuts over two years to ease the damage to educational function at the expense of some additional General Fund deficit.

As the financial state of our schools improves, I would like to share in directing available funds to help our students prepare themselves for lifelong learning.

For that, I need your vote.

— Written by John Mills

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and have been a physical therapist for 32-plus years. I’m the widow of Richard “Rick” Bowden and mother to Jessica, a Brown County High School graduate.

My agenda was and is to do what I can to assist the school corporation in promoting excellence and lifelong learning in our children; and to promote and facilitate excellence and best practices with all of our staff in the areas of learning, policies and procedures, finance and the best use of our resources.

I came onto the board as we were getting a handle on the finances of the corporation related to the property tax collection issues, as well as the change of the state taking over funding of the General Fund.

Through these challenges, I have observed and participated with all support staff, teachers and administration, finding opportunities to continue to have our children find success in education.

We know that every child learns and finds success differently, so we have kept opportunities for success available by keeping art, music and band, physical education and drama programs when other school corporations have been cutting in these areas.

We are using and continuing to look for best practices for learning for all of our diverse children. The Balanced Literacy and writing programs in the elementaries, Math Initiative in K-12 and Credit Recovery at the high school are some of the ways that the staff, with the support of the board, has put in place to give our children the tools to excel and succeed.

The board and I have questioned expenses. Can we get better services at a better cost savings? Does a job opening need to be filled, and why, and can the job responsibilities be absorbed by other staff? We have had job responsibilities open through attrition be absorbed by staff in administration, facilities management and every school building.

Now that we have a better handle on our finances — even with the limitations put on all schools by the economy — my focus will be on accountability on achieving excellence with our children’s learning, our staff performance and the budget.

I have done small things in my own way to promote the morale of our staff in all of our buildings as I am able, so the staff can give a happy and long-lasting impression to our children. A great teacher, staff member, mentor or principal can impact a person for the rest of his or her life.

I would like our Brown County School Corporation to be a positive impact, and I would like your vote so that I can assist our children to be ready and a success in lifelong learning.

— Written by Carolyn V. Bowden

  • October 7
    Woodworkers Club
    7 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • October 7
    Jeff Foster at Hobnob restaurant
    6 to 8 p.m. Hobnob, 17 W. Main St.
  • October 7
    BC Commissioners
    1 p.m. County Office Building, second-floor Salmon Room
  • October 7
    CANCELED: BC Emergency Management Advisory Council
    Ambulance Base, 53 State Road 46 East
  • October 7
    BC Soil & Water District
    6:30 p.m. SWCD Office, 802 Memorial Drive at the fairgrounds
  • October 8
    Lego Club
    11 a.m., 3:30 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • October 8
    Go Club at the library
    3:30 to 5 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • October 8
    Gospel jam & sing in Gnaw Bone
    6:30 p.m. Country Gospel Music Church, 5181 State Road 46 East
  • October 8
    Local Coordinating Council
    8:30 a.m. Veterans Hall, 902 Deer Run Lane
  • October 8
    Nashville Tree Board
    8:30 a.m. Town Hall, 200 Commercial St.
  • October 8
    BC Convention & Visitors Commission
    8:30 a.m. County Office Building, 201 N. Locust Lane
  • October 8
    Nashville Arts & Entertainment Commission
    10 a.m. Town Hall, 200 Commercial St.
  • October 9
    6 p.m. Fruitdale Fire Station, 5200 State Road 135 North, Bean Blossom
  • October 10
    6 p.m. Sycamore Valley Center, 746 Memorial Drive (fairgrounds)
  • October 10
    Free community breakfast at Sprunica church
    8 to 10 a.m. Sprunica Baptist Church, 3902 Sprunica Road
  • October 10
    Chili fest fundraiser slated at church
    9 a.m. to 6 p.m. North Salem Methodist Church, 7718 State Road 46 East
  • October 10
    Widowed group
    1 p.m. Brownies, 5730 State Road 135 North
  • October 10
    Disc golf day slated at Deer Run Park
    1 to 5 p.m. Deer Run Park
  • October 12
    Government offices CLOSED
  • October 12
    CS Fire Board
    6 p.m. Cordry Sweetwater Fire Station,, 101 Firehouse Road, Nineveh.
  • October 13
    Widowed group euchre
    1 p.m. Sycamore Valley Community Center, 746 Memorial Drive at the fairgrounds
  • October 13
    6 p.m. Sycamore Valley Center
  • October 13
    Open 12-step meeting in New Bellsville area
    8 p.m. Harmony Baptist Church, 3999 Mt. Liberty Road, New Bellesville
  • October 13
    Van Buren TFD
    6 p.m. Van Buren VFD, 4040 State Road 135 South
  • October 13
    Nashville Parking & Public Facilities
    6 p.m. Town Hall, 200 Commercial St.
  • October 15
    7 to 9 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • October 15
    Lego Club
    11 a.m., 3:30 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • October 16
    Gun safety and self-defense education event at dance barn
    7 to 10 p.m. Mike's Dance Barn, 2277 State Road 46 West
  • October 17
    Gun safety and self-defense education event at dance barn
    10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mike's Dance Barn, 2277 State Road 46 West
  • October 17
    6 p.m. Sycamore Valley Center
  • October 26
    American history DVD to play at library
    1 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • October 27
    Widowed group euchre
    1 p.m. Sycamore Valley Community Center, 746 Memorial Drive at the fairgrounds