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Two separate meetings called for 'unification' and economic development
Updated on: 08.09.13

Two different meetings, two different locations, at the same time, with the same boards invited. That's what's planned for Monday night among local government leaders.

The Brown County Chamber of Commerce called a meeting of Nashville Town Council, the Brown County Commissioners, Brown County Council and Brown County Schools Board of Trustees to start at 6 p.m. at the Brown County Inn, Town Hall meeting room. The agenda includes each board discussing their vision of economic development; a presentation on the Brown County Economic Development Corporation; establishment of bimonthly meeting dates about economic development; and roundtable discussions about "Top 10 issues for Brown County."

After receiving that agenda from Brown County Chamber of Commerce President Debbie Dunbar, County Administrator Mike Thompson said the commissioners asked him to send this reply: "The Brown County Commissioners and the Brown County Council would like to thank you for the invitation to host the meeting on August 12, 2013, in the Town Hall Meeting Room of the Brown County Inn. From the last joint meeting, it was established that the County would host the next meeting. The Council and Commissioners will continue to do that on August 12, 2013, 6:00 PM in the Salmon Meeting Room of the County Office Building. This is a Joint Governmental Meeting of the Town of Nashville, the County Council, the County Commissioners, and the Brown County School District Board. The only agenda topic will be 'Unification.'"

Dunbar, in an email to Thompson and town council and school board assistants on Wednesday, said that the chamber is still planning to host its originally announced meeting. "The Brown County Chamber of Commerce has been working towards a long-term goal of creating a unified economic development plan for Brown County," she wrote. "The process began in June when presentations were made to the County Council, County Commissioners and Town Council asking for their support in moving forward with a plan. The responses from the presentations were positive with commitments of working towards cooperation from all governmental boards. ... The Chamber’s goal is for all parties interested in a unified economic development plan to come together to share their visions and also gather input regarding some of the most important issues Brown County is currently facing. The Chamber has been working closely with the newly reformed Brown County Economic Development Corporation, a not-for-profit organization which will have the ability to raise money, solicit new business, address issues and accomplish some short term and long range goals for the entire community. As we see it, everyone has a very important role to play when it comes to economic development. We should all be working together to help build a positive and inviting environment for Brown County, building on everyone’s strengths, pooling resources and not duplicating efforts."

Dunbar said all parties were notified on July 2 via email about the chamber-hosted meeting. They were asked for agenda items, she said, and the chamber received no responses.  

Brown County Council President David Critser said Friday morning that he's planning to be at the meeting at the County Office Building on Monday night. "We're just trying to have what we said we were going to have at the last meeting," he said. "You want clarification, it's like if the Lions Club said they were going to call a meeting of the school board and then gave them an agenda."

The school board has announced it will meet at the County Office Building Monday evening with the other boards.

Town council announced Friday that it will split up to attend both meetings.

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William Emmett Fisher, 73, Elizabethtown
  Father of William “Mark” (Marissa) Fisher of Nashville

Margaret (Stanley) Whitaker, 80, Morgantown
  Wife of Rawlins Whitaker of Morgantown

Ival 'Max' Skinner, 85, White Springs, Florida,
  Brown County native

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