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Public Notices

ORDINANCE NO. 2013 -04


WHEREAS; The Town of Nashville is a historic art colony. It has been a haven for artists and art lovers for almost a century, and;

WHEREAS; The Town Council wishes to encourage the creation of works of art that can be seen and appreciated by the residents and visitors to the Town and;

WHEREAS; The Town Council appreciates that good art requires artistic freedom, but that public art affects the safety, morality, and commerce of the community;


1. No work of Public Art as hereinafter defined shall be built, erected, drawn, painted, or displayed on public property or on private property within the Village District, or Zones B1,B2,B3, or RB without a permit.

2. The Town of Nashville Arts and Entertainment Commission as established by Ordinance Number 2012-08 shall be the permitting agent for the Town Council.

3. There shall be no fee charged for a permit.

4. "Public Art" includes all works of human creativity the primary purpose of which is to please the visual and tactile senses, including but not limited to, paintings, sculptures, mobiles, fountains, and murals, located outdoors, which can be viewed or touched from public streets, sidewalks, parks or parking areas. "Public Art” does not include works or products that are displayed for sale on private property.

5. All applications shall be on the forms provided by the Commission. The permit will be reviewed by the commission and granted or denied within forty five (45) days of the application date. Any application not reviewed within forty five (45) days shall be deemed granted. Applicants may appeal any decision of the commission to the Town Council. All appeals will be heard by the Council at the next regular meeting following the date of the denial. Any decision of the Council may be subject to judicial review pursuant to statutory procedure.

6. Any project which would otherwise require an improvement location permit or a certificate of appropriateness shall also be subject to review by the Development Review Commission, and all other requirements of the Town Land Use Ordinances.

7.Violations of this ordinance shall be subject to the general penalty provisions of Section 10-99 of the Nashville Code of Ordinances.

8. This ordinance shall become effective upon passage and publication as required by law.


Robert Kirlin, Council President

Charles B. King, Council Vice-President

R. Sean Cassiday, Councilmember

Jane Gore, Councilmember

Arthur Omberg, Councilmember


Prepared by: James T. Roberts

Attorney for the Town of Nashville

ATTEST: Brenda K Young, Clerk-Treasurer

13-131  5/8 & 5/15/2103  31636848

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David O’Neal Williams, 75, Bloomington
  Father of Tony Williams of Nashville

Raymond M. Richardson, 83, Morgantown
  Father of Rob (Jennifer) Richardson of Brown County

Florence L. (Schonfeld) Cave, 76, Peoga
  Mother of Linda (Roger) Smith of Nashville

  • July 8
    Brown County Radio Hour to air Episode 40
    6 p.m. WFHB FM 91.3 and 100.7
  • July 8
    Jeff Foster at Hobnob restaurant
    6 to 8 p.m. Hobnob, 17 W. Main St.
  • July 8
    Washington Township Advisory Board
    7:15 p.m. BC (Nashville) Fire, 231 E. Main St.
  • July 9
    Go Club at the library
    3:30 to 5 p.m. Brown County Public Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • July 9
    Gospel jam & sing in Gnaw Bone
    6:30 p.m. Country Gospel Church, 5181 State Road 46 East
  • July 9
    Nashville Town Council
    6 p.m. Town Hall, 200 Commercial St.
  • July 9
    Nashville Arts & Entertainment Commission
    10 a.m. Town Hall, 200 Commercial St.
  • July 9
    Gospel hymn sing
    6:30 p.m. Green Vly Apostolic Church, 5124 State Road 46 West
  • July 9
    Rotary Club
    7:15 a.m. Artist Colony Inn, 105 S. Van Buren St.
  • July 9
    BC photography club
    7 to 9 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • July 9
    Volunteer Fair at The Seasons
    4:30 to 6 p.m., 6 p.m. The Seasons Lodge Conference Center, 560 State Road 46 East
  • July 10
    Farmers market in Bean Blossom July 10
    4 to 7 p.m. St. David's Episcopal Church, 11 State Road 45 at 135 North, Bean Blossom
  • July 10
    5 p.m. Fruitdale Fire Station, 5200 State Road 135 North, Bean Blossom
  • July 11
    6 p.m. Sycamore Valley Center, 746 Memorial Drive (fairgrounds)
  • July 11
    Free community breakfast at Sprunica church
    8 to 10 a.m. Sprunica Baptist Church, 3902 Sprunica Road
  • July 11
    Health fair at the YMCA
    8 a.m. to noon YMCA, 105 Willow St.
  • July 11
    Widowed group
    2:30 p.m. Sycamore Valley Community Center, 746 Memorial Drive at the fairgrounds
  • July 12
    Woods reunion slated
    12:30 p.m. Yellowwood Forest
  • July 13
    Backpack Program meeting slated
    7 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • July 13
    Beeline beekeepers club
    7 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • July 14
    Open 12-step meeting in New Bellsville area
    8 p.m. Harmony Baptist Church, 3999 Mt. Liberty Road, New Bellesville
  • July 14
    Peaceful Valley Heritage meeting
    6:30 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • July 14
    Brown County Council
    6 p.m. County Office Building, 201 N. Locust Lane
  • July 16
    WRAPS 20th anniversary open house
    6 to 8 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane
  • July 17
    Groundbreaking slated for new senior apartments
    2 p.m. Hawthorn Hills, se corner of Hawthorne Drive & Chestnut Street
  • July 18
    Rock & mineral club
    6 p.m. Extension Office, 802 Memorial Drive at the fairgrounds
  • July 20
    Health department offers ServSafe class
    8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. County Office Building, 201 N. Locust Lane
  • July 30
    7 to 9 p.m. Library, 205 N. Locust Lane