Police: Man drove intoxicated twice in five years

Police say a Brown County man committed a felony after he was stopped for driving drunk for the second time in five years.

Eric Sumpter, 30, of State Road 45, was stopped by Brown County sheriff’s deputy Austin Schonfeld at around 1 a.m. Feb. 20.

Schonfeld reported that Sumpter smelled of alcohol, that he could see alcohol beverage containers in his vehicle, his speech was slurred, his manual dexterity was poor, his attitude was aggressive and his balance was unsteady.

Sumpter was booked into the Brown County jail. He had refused a chemical test.

On Feb. 23, Sumpter was charged with two misdemeanors for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Both misdemeanors were elevated to Level 6 felonies because Sumpter was convicted on two felony counts of OWI in Brown County in 2015.