Letter: ‘Taste of the real world would diminish his bravado’

To the editor:

President Donald Trump says he would have confronted the Parkland shooter. We all might hope we would muster the courage to do the same, but these are mere words until placed in that situation.

For me, I suspect my courage might be indirectly proportional to the lethality of the weapon the offender is carrying. I might feel more heroic facing a knife or .22-caliber gun instead of an AR-15-style semi-automatic capable of scattering 100 rounds a minute and turning tissue to soup.

I propose that Mr. Trump test his courage in a combat situation before arming our teachers to defend innocent children. He could gear up and accompany our military on a few missions or accompany cops in D.C., Baltimore or Chicago. Better yet, he could dismiss his own security detail for a month and try defending himself by sporting a .44 mag on his hip. Perhaps his kids would be willing to do the same. I suspect that a taste of the real world would diminish his bravado.

Assault weapons were designed for combat and should be kept out of the hands of civilians. These weapons were banned for many years and the ban needs to be reinstated.

In coming elections, I intend to support candidates who feel the same.

Scott Mills, Wallow Hollow Road

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