Letter: ‘Don’t we have rational minds in America anymore?’

To the editor:

We know America became a world power in less than 50 years after we were founded as a nation. We passed the European nations that had been around for centuries. Christianity, the Constitution, conservatism and capitalism are what made us develop so quickly.

The older I get, the more these four things are attacked.

We have seen the lunatic frenzy over the statues in the South. Now, we have the same emotional diatribe against the NRA, the Second Amendment and guns.

Don’t we have rational minds in America anymore?

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida said he opposed teachers being armed in school because he wanted the children to feel safe. Do they feel safe at Walmart when standing in the checkout lane and the person standing by them may be legally armed? Do they feel safe at Rural King when they are looking at horse feed and someone bumps into them that may be packing a .38 revolver? Do they feel safe when they sit down at McDonald’s for dinner and the person at the next table may be carrying a Colt .45? Why would they be nervous if a trained school teacher was armed?

Liberals are not concerned about protecting our children. They simply use the tragedies to attack the Second Amendment and raise money for their campaigns. Why not use a solution that works for once?


James W. Brown, Spearsville Road (submitted by Amy Patterson)

Clarification: This letter was sent by Amy Elizabeth Patterson, not Amy Bond Patterson

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