One person injured in two-vehicle crash

Eleven people were riding in two vehicles that hit each other on State Road 46 East on Feb. 18; one of them was taken to a hospital with possible neck injuries.

Judith K. Davis, 46, Columbus, told police she was driving west behind a vehicle driven by Dileep Kumar Sakalabhaktula, 29, of Columbus, when Sakalabhaktula stopped suddenly.

Davis’s Pontiac G3 crashed into the rear of Sakalabhkatula’s Hyundai Santa Fe, which had been leased from an Enterprise office, according to an accident report by Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Stargell.

Sakalabhaktula told police there were two vehicles in front of him, and the front vehicle slowed to turn on south on Mt. Liberty Road. The vehicle immediately in front of him slowed suddenly as well and he had to hit the brakes, and that’s when Davis crashed into him, the report said.

Davis told police she was traveling at a safe distance before the crash occurred. Sakalabhaktula and the five passengers in his vehicle stated that Davis was less than one car length behind them for “quite a ways,” the report said.

There were four passengers in Davis’ vehicle. All occupants in both vehicle were wearing their seat belts. The front seat passenger with Davis, Sharon Fields, 68, of Edinburgh, was taken to a hospital by ambulance for treatment of a possible neck injury.