Fine Print: Civil court Feb. 2-15

New suits filed

Feb. 2

M Doed LLC vs. Federal Home Mortgage, Charles Greathouse, Charles Greathouse, David Greathouse, David Greathouse, Donald Greathouse, Donald Greathouse, Jason Greathouse, Jason Greathouse, Sue Greathouse, Sue Greathouse, Carl Hooker, Ila Hooker, Frances Lewis, Frances Lewis, Lori Taylor, Lori Taylor, unknown husband, wife, widow and widower, Wells Fargo Bank N A, Wells Fargo Bank N A, Wells Fargo Bank N A, Terri Whitesell, Terri Lee Whitesell, complaint to quiet title

Feb. 6

Elizabeth Mae Wood vs. Troy Lee Wood, dissolution of marriage

Discover Bank vs. Amy J. Hanson, civil collection

Feb. 7

Petitioner/interested person Ernie Lee Small in the estate of Virgie Small, unsupervised estate

Teresa Kendall vs. Town Of Nashville, Indiana, civil tort

Feb. 8

Timothy Martin Troxel vs. Sonya Troxel, dissolution of marriage

Charles Michael Beauchamp vs. State of Indiana, post-conviction relief

Feb. 9

Matthew Horgan vs. Ryan Slutz, civil tort

Feb. 12

Pamela Pennington vs. Aaron Pennington, dissolution of marriage

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Lisa Allison AKA Lisa Richardson, civil collection

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Chancelor Parrish, Tracy Parrish, civil collection

Feb. 14

Bruce Burkett vs. Joshua Tharp, civil plenary

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Jonathan Erdmann, civil collection

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Shanon Baker, civil collection

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Charles Isley, civil collection

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Deana Shirrell, civil collection

Eagle Finance Company vs. Michael Kobiernik, Amanda Kobiernik, civil collection

Feb. 15

Discover Bank vs. Taryn Sims, civil collection

Communitywide Federal Credit Union vs. Joe Matthew, Anna Matthew, civil collection

PCA Acquisitions LLC vs. Joyce Muench, civil collection

Small claims

Feb. 2

Robert E. Austin vs. Linda McCulley

Feb. 6

Midland Funding LLC vs. Roy Fish

Feb. 8

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Gordon Tatman

Feb. 9

Fredrick L. Hicks III in the matter of 1960 Ford F-100 pickup truck, declaratory judgment