Woman charged with false informing

A Nashville woman has been charged with false informing after police determined she made up a story about a man stopping her car, drugging her and causing her to crash.

On Jan. 21, Terrie L. Inman, 52, told police that she was driving home from work in Bloomington when she was pulled over by a black SUV with red and blue lights on the dash in Gnaw Bone, according to a probable cause affidavit by Sgt. Scott Bowling with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

Inman told police that a man with red hair and scruffy beard wearing a black coat approached her window. She said he had a gun and reached in her car to take her keys. She said she then let him in the back seat and he said something about seeing a note he had left for her there, the probable cause affidavit states.

Inman told police that the man leaned forward and forced a pill in her mouth and forced her to drink alcohol. She said she thought it was whiskey. She reported that the man told her to drive and that he said, “I know where you live.” She said she remembers turning left and having an accident. She said she did not remember anything until she woke up in jail, according to the affidavit.

She said she didn’t tell the officers at the crash scene about the man because she didn’t remember then and the man was gone when police arrived. Inman told police there must have been two suspects, because as she drove off, the SUV the man was allegedly in also drove off, the affidavit states.

She filled out a written statement for Bowling.

Later that night, Bowling spoke with Indiana State Police Trooper Kory Clark. He took a report on Inman’s crash in Bartholomew County, which he had listed as driving while under the influence.

Clark said he had a witness who was following Inman before her crash on State Road 46 East. The witness told Bowling he had started following Inman east of Nashville before Gnaw Bone when he called the police on her. The witness said Inman never pulled over or was stopped by another vehicle before her accident in Bartholomew County.

The witness said Inman kept turning her turn signal on and was “all over the road” as he followed her, according to the affidavit.

Inman was charged Feb. 1 in Brown Circuit Court with false informing, a Class B misdemeanor.