Local candidates on ballot as of Jan. 26

Brown County residents have until noon Friday, Feb. 9 to file paperwork to become major-party candidates in the May primary election.

The following local candidates have filed paperwork to run in the 2018 Brown County primary as of Jan. 26:

Brown Circuit judge (six years)

  • (D) Kristopher Kritzer
  • (R) Tracey Yeager Stogsdill
  • (R) Mary Wertz

Brown County prosecutor (four years)

  • (R) Ted Adams

Brown County clerk (four years)

  • (D) Brenda Woods
  • (R) Kathy (Grimes) Smith

Brown County auditor (four years)

  • (R) Julia “Julie” B. Reeves

Brown County sheriff (four years)

  • (R) Scott Southerland

Brown County coroner (four years)

  • (R) Earl R. Piper

Brown County assessor (four years)

  • No candidates

Brown County commissioner, District 2 (northwest Brown County) (four years)

  • (R) Diana McDonald Biddle
  • (R) John Kennard

Brown County council, districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 (four years)

  • (D) Debra Guffey (Dist. 1)
  • (R) Bill Hamilton (Dist. 1)
  • (R) Darren Byrd (Dist. 2)
  • (R) Arthur “Art” Knight (Dist. 4)

Township trustees, all townships (four years)

  • (R) Phil Stephens (Hamblen)
  • (R) Sandra K. Higgins (Jackson)
  • (R) Vicki Payne (Van Buren)
  • (D) Paul D. Hardin (Washington)
  • (R) Brandon Edens Magner (Washington)

Township board members, all townships, three seats (four years)

  • (R) Tina McCormack (Hamblen)
  • (R) Ben Phillips (Van Buren)

Democratic Party precinct officials (four years)

  • (D) James Lowell Oliver (Hamblen 2)
  • (D) Kathy Smith-Andrew (Hamblen 3)
  • (D) Lora Lewis Rudd (Jackson 1)
  • (D) Linda Welty (Jackson 2)
  • (D) Rick Bond (Jackson 3)
  • (D) Kevin G. Fleming (Van Buren)
  • (D) Stephen W. Gore (Washington 3)
  • (D) Curt Mayfield (Washington 4)

Democratic Party state delegates (two years)

  • (D) Teri Bleuel
  • (D) Kevin G. Fleming
  • (D) James Lowell Oliver
  • (D) Linda Welty

Republican Party state delegates (two years)

  • (R) Mark Bowman
  • (R) Robyn Bowman
  • (R) Ben Phillips
  • (R) Phil Stephens

More offices will be on the general election ballot in November:

  • Nashville Town Council District 1 and two at-large seats (currently held by “Buzz” King, Arthur Omberg and David Rudd)
  • Brown County Schools Board of Trustees districts 1, 2 and 3 (currently held by Carol Bowden, Judy Hardwick and Steve Miller Jr.)

School board and town council seats are nonpartisan.

Nashville residents seeking council seats have between now and July 2 to file paperwork with the Brown County clerk. At-large candidates can live anywhere in town limits; District 1 candidates have to live on the far west side of downtown, on the west side of State Road 135 North up to Ridgeway, or in Pine Tree Hills or other points north.

MAP: Nashville town council districts

Prospective school board members can file their paperwork between July 25 and Aug. 24. District 1 is Hamblen Township; District 2 is Jackson Township and the Washington 4 precinct in the Belmont and Yellowwood areas; and District 3 is the rest of Washington Township and Van Buren Township.

For more information on candidacy or registering to vote, contact the Brown County clerk’s office at 812-988-5510.