Police: Teen girl made up rape report

A Columbus teen has been charged with false informing after local police determined that she had not been raped, as she had originally told them.

Raeyln K. Repp, 18, Columbus, had accused a male friend of assaulting her at a house party in Brown County on Nov. 12. She had gone in for a sexual assault evaluation at Columbus Regional Hospital at about 3 p.m. that day and a hospital employee called police.

Repp told police that she and other people at the party had been drinking, and she passed out and didn’t remember much. She told police she didn’t know anything had happened until someone sent her boyfriend a video of the assault, which contained sound but no images. Her boyfriend confronted her about it that day, and that was around the time she went to the hospital to get checked out, the police report said.

She told police it was not a consensual encounter.

Brown County Sheriff’s Department Det. Brian Shrader met with three high school students who were at the party, including the accused boy. The two witnesses reported that Repp and the boy seemed to be enjoying themselves the whole time they were at the party, including after the encounter, the police report said.

Shrader retrieved text messages and photos from the accused boy’s cellphone, which showed plans being made for them to have sex, the police report said.

Shrader reported that it appeared Repp’s only motive for making the rape report was to save her relationship with her boyfriend.

Repp was charged in Brown Circuit Court with false informing, a Class B misdemeanor, on Jan. 18, after she failed to appear at a court hearing.