Creekside owners considering new development

The highway frontage at Creekside Retreat may be rezoned to commercial if the Brown County Area Plan Commission sides with the owners this week.

Tricia Dishman, agent for Voland-Hammond Property LLC, has petitioned the APC to change 23 acres from R1 (residential) to B2 (business) zoning.

That acreage spans the length of Creekside’s property along State Road 46 East and wraps around the east side of the Creekside buildings. The 8.22 acres on which the buildings sit are already zoned B2.

Dishman wrote in her letter to the plan commission that rezoning the additional acreage to business would allow “for future commercial development and provide an opportunity to serve the community’s economic development needs.” The type of commercial development that might go there hasn’t been determined, she said.

The highway frontage was heaped with fill from the Forest Hills Apartments construction site in 2011 to raise it out of the floodway. Dishman wrote that that area is where a commercial building might go.

The rest of the acreage, which is in the floodway, “would be designated for nature trails and similar features that would protect natural resources and provide enjoyment to the public community as well as our visiting guests,” the letter says.

The Creekside Retreat buildings used to be Creek Side Apartments. They were renovated and changed over to short-term lodging in 2014 after being damaged in the flood of 2008. After the retreat opened, it flooded again in the summer of 2015 and went through another round of renovations.

An access road was built from State Road 46 East through the filled area to link up with Old State Road 46, which had been the only access point until then.

This property is within Nashville town limits. The plan commission can make a positive, negative or neutral recommendation to the Nashville Town Council, which will have the final vote on rezoning.

The Brown County Area Plan Commission will hear the request at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23 at the County Office Building.