Two people were arrested in Nashville this week as part of a drug investigation that began after the death of an area teen.

Cody L. Breedlove, 23, was arrested on charges of dealing marijuana and maintaining a public nuisance after an undercover investigation. His girlfriend, Amber Brown, 18, was arrested on a charge of maintaining a public nuisance.

Investigators began looking into Breedlove based on information they got after the suspected overdose death of an 18-year-old in Johnson County, Sheriff Doug Cox said. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office worked together on the investigation, Cox said.

Breedlove and Brown have not been charged in connection with the teen’s death, which still is under investigation.

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Investigators were told Breedlove was selling drugs from a home in Morgantown and launched an undercover investigation. Investigators saw suspected drug activity, including multiple people stopping by the home for brief periods of time, according to police reports.

On Dec. 6, 11 and 14, Breedlove sold marijuana in undercover drug deals, police reports said. In total, Breedlove sold more than an ounce of marijuana, worth more than $450, which he vacuum-sealed to prevent the drug’s distinctive scent from being detected, according to the reports.

Investigators also recorded the purchases and saw other people at the home buying drugs from Breedlove, police said.

Brown did not participate in the deals, but was home and saw the drug-related activity, the report said.

On Jan. 9, police arrested Brown and Breedlove at a different home in Nashville, where the two recently had moved. Inside, they found drug paraphernalia, more than $4,000 in cash and guns, according to the report.

Both were arrested and taken to the Brown County jail. The case will be handled in Morgan County, where the reported drug deals took place.