Our Folks: Honors

Brenda Young

Nashville Clerk-Treasurer Brenda Young will serve as the president of Accelerate Indiana Municipalities in 2018.

Young was elected in October at the 2017 Aim Ideas Summit in Evansville. She took office Jan. 1. She succeeds Evansville’s Lloyd Winnecke.

“Brenda is a dedicated public servant who values education, leadership and strong policies that benefit municipal government,” said Aim CEO Matt Greller, a Brown County native. “She has been an active member of Aim for three decades. Our members will clearly benefit from Brenda’s steady hand and thoughtful approach.”

Aim was formerly known as the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns. Its purpose is “to foster, promote and advocate for the success of Hoosier municipalities as laboratories of innovation, hubs of talent and the engines driving our state’s economy.”