Fine Print: Criminal court Dec. 29-Jan. 2

New charges filed

Dec. 29

Christopher Randall, intimidation, Level 6 felony; criminal confinement, Level 6 felony; domestic battery, Class A misdemeanor


Dec. 28

Tyler T. Sherman, dealing in a Schedule IV controlled substance, Level 4 felony; five years DOC/BCJ/BCCC with two years executed, remainder suspended; two years executed to be served on home detention. Credit for two actual days; 900 hours of public service restitution. Participate in Thinking for a Change and provide proof of completion of program and successfully complete two years of home detention; $1 fine, $386 total costs. Defendant to submit to a substance abuse evaluation and successfully complete all recommended follow-up treatment at own expense.

Dec. 29

George W. McBride, failure to return to lawful detention, Level 6 felony; one year, all executed, none suspended to the Department of Corrections, consecutive to 07C01-1304-FB-000118; $1 fine, $186 total costs.

Jan. 2

Sean P. McGuire, no operator’s license in possession, Class C infraction; $158 fines and costs.

Pre-trial diversion

Jan. 2

Randall McClure, intimidation, Class A misdemeanor

Ashley Shepherd, disorderly conduct, Class B misdemeanor

Kaliyan J. Gentry, illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage, Class C misdemeanor

Javier A. Velazquez, illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage, Class C misdemeanor

Dismissed cases

Jan. 2

Ashley Shepherd, theft, Class A misdemeanor