Letter: Thanks for participating in repurposing contest

To the editor:

At the end of November, Keep Brown County Beautiful sponsored a repurposing contest at the library as part of recycling day. While we didn’t get as many entries as we had hoped, the entries we received were very impressive.

We had an approximately 4-foot skeleton made from plastic milk jugs, a mat to put under sleeping bags made from plastic bags, and some beautiful Christmas decorations made from various materials including recycled glass from our recycling center. You can go to the Keep Brown County Beautiful page and see pictures of the entries.

We would like to congratulate our top winners, Rachel Perry, Michele Cline and Marilyn Hasty. It was not an easy decision for our judges, Marilyn Feiock, Libby Kuhn and Cathy Paradise.

The day after the judging, we had the entries on display at the library and several people stopped by to check them out. They were impressed, and when they heard that the Christmas ornaments were made from glass obtained at the recycling center, almost everyone expressed their appreciation of the center and the people who work there.

We plan to do this again in 2018, but from feedback we received, probably another time of the year. Fair time seemed to be a popular choice. We hope to have more entries this next year and look forward to seeing what ideas participants come up with this time.

Mary Ann Cline, Keep Brown County Beautiful board member

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