Traffic enforcement for holiday continues

Police in Brown County issued citations and made arrests over a 24-day period this holiday season.

The Brown County Traffic Safety Partnership issued 64 citations and made two arrests, according to a press release from Nashville Police Assistant Chief Col. Tim True.

Funding from the federal highway safety funds administered by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute paid for the overtime.

“Why do we enforce traffic laws? There is only one reason: to save lives,” True said. “Anyone who responds to a severe crash, or notifies next of kin, simply wants you and your family to buckle up and drive sober this holiday season.”

Special enforcement efforts continued through the new year. Police planned to monitor traffic to make sure seat belt, impaired driving and other traffic laws were being followed.

True offered alternatives to avoid driving while impaired:

  • Designate, or be, a sober driver.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Download the SaferRide mobile app on the Android Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store. The app has three options: Call a taxi, call a friend and identify your location for pickup.
  • Celebrate at home or a place where you can stay until sober.
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages and plenty of food at your party.
  • Never provide alcohol to minors.
  • Ask young drivers about their plans.
  • Take the keys and make alternate arrangements for a friend or family member who should not be driving.

If you see a possibly impaired driver, True encourages people to turn off the road away from the vehicle and call 911.