Jackson Twp. Fire schedule of charges for services

January 1, 2018

Pursuant to Indiana Code 36-8-12-16, the Jackson Township Fire Department does hereby establish the following schedule of charges for a) fire services provided within its jurisdiction and/or b) first responder calls to be in effect for the 2018 calendar year:

(1) For initial response with a fire engine, a fire truck, or a fire apparatus, including a hazardous material response unit, or a fire rescue unit dispatched on a fire or hazardous material incident, two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per response vehicle except command/control vehicle, which is one hundred dollars ($100.00) per vehicle.  This includes calls for any residential, automobile or utility hazards which include fire or any other hazardous situation that may be present.  (2) For each hour or fraction thereof of on-scene assistance, one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per response unit and fifty dollars ($50.00) per command/control vehicle.  (3) For expendable materials such as absorption materials, emulsifiers, or other agents used in the cleanup operations, the actual replacement cost of those materials (4) For collection of debris, chemicals, fuel, or contaminated materials resulting from spill, the actual cost of removal and disposal at an authorized location. (5) For expendable materials such as medical supplies or equipment required to resolve incident, the actual replacement costs of those materials.

32014784 1/3, 10, 2018 hspaxlp 18-2