School implements new rules for prep events

School sports fans will have to ditch their McDonald’s bags at the door from now on before entering the Larry C. Banks Memorial Gymnasium or football field at Brown County High School.

Brown County Schools Superintendent Laura Hammack asked the school board for their support this month on a new policy prohibiting outside food and drinks.

The new rules apply to the high school auditorium as well. They do not apply to events at Eagle Park.

Also, students are no longer allowed to re-enter an event if they leave before it’s over.

“It’s really nothing we need to ask the board to vote on, but, boy, would we love your support,” Hammack said.

Hammack said that at a recent evening girls basketball game, some adults brought in alcohol. That’s the reason for the policy change.

“We’re going to annoy some people. There is no doubt. There are some folks who, on a Saturday, will come in and bring McDonald’s in or bring in stuff from the outside,” she said.

“It’s going to annoy people, but we think if we are proactive in selling this new policy, putting signs up, that we’ll train the people.”

The “no re-entry” policy for students will require the district to man the doors for the whole game, which means they’re going to have to pay people for longer, Hammack said.

“(Principal) Shane (Killinger) said it so well: we’re protecting them from themselves. Sometimes, when they go out, difficult choices can be presented. If we can just keep our kiddos safe in the gym, we know they will be safe because we’ve got them,” she said.

Adults will still be allowed to leave and re-enter an event.

School board Vice President Judy Hardwick and member Steve Miller Jr. said they supported the new rules. “I think it’s a good idea,” Hardwick said.

“It’s the same way when you go to a college football game or whatever. … They search your coolers. You can’t take anything in. If you want to buy a beer when you get in, you buy a beer when you get in. I am on board,” Miller said.

“We take the safety and security of our boys and girls as the highest priority for our district and believe that these changes in procedures are adding to this value,” Hammack said in an email to parents.

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Suzannah Couch grew up in Brown County, reading the Brown County Democrat. A 2013 Franklin College graduate, she covers business, cops/courts, education and arts/entertainment.