Poets’ Corner: Brown County Style Show

Brown County Style Show

Mother Nature must have a reason

To decorate beautifully every season.

We never tire in the autumn time

To gaze again at the style sublime.

We ride along for many miles

The trees are dressed in the latest styles.

No woman either with dress or hat

Could ever make herself look like that.

The leaves are draped on all the trees

That wave and bow in the autumn breeze.

They are yellow and green and red and blue

And other shades of every hue.

All summer the styles are fresh and green

Lovelier dresses you’ve never seen.

But watch for Brown County in the fall

When that’s the most elegant show of all.

So far and near in the distant view

These styles present themselves to you.

Then you will decide Brown County shows

Excel those dresses with buttons and bows.

— Lillion Brown Hammond c. 1945, submitted by grandson Bill Hammond