Brown County Schools is proceeding in its plan to build a public clinic at the Eagle Park athletic fields.

Renovations are underway on an existing building at Eagle Park, said Superintendent Laura Hammack.

It will be called the Brown County Health and Wellness Center.

The word “schools” was intentionally left out of the clinic’s name because eventually, the vision is to invite county and town government employees to use it, as well as local businesses and other employers who could write it into their health and wellness plans, Hammack said.

Initially, it will be open two days a week because that’s all the school district can support. But with more participants, that schedule can be expanded, she said.

Hammack told the school board Nov. 2 that the district is “actively looking for partners” to make that happen, with the goal of having it be open five days a week, possibly with some Saturday hours.

Bids from local contractors to do the renovations came back over budget, Hammack said. But the district’s director of maintenance, Tom Ferry, offered to serve as general contractor and get most of the work done in-house, to keep costs within the $75,000 to $100,000 budget, Hammack said. Skilled trades work will still be hired out.

The plan is still to have it open after the first of the year, she told the board.

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