Letter: Thanks to all who took part in Trick-or-Treat trail

To the editor:

The Brown County YMCA and Brown County Parks and Recreation, organizers of the fourth annual Trick or Treat on the Trail, would like to thank the community at large for the support and amazing turnout. It is so nice to see all of the costumes and creativity of our Brown Countians!

This was our biggest year yet. We counted right at 1,700 princesses, Hulks, witches, a mini-Jimmy Carter and trolls taking advantage of the family-friendly, safe environment of the Salt Creek Trail.

This event wouldn’t be successful without the outpouring of donations — candy and cash. Thank-yous go out to “anonymous,” CVS and the Jay-C store.

And best of all, thank you to the amazing volunteers who pulled out all the stops! There was music, cauldrons, flying spiders, dancing bumble bees, mad scientists, the Mystery Machine, the Addams family, pirates, school mascots and many more.

Volunteers included Debbie and Tim Kelley, Betsy and Dennis Parman; Matt and Heather Powell; Floyd and Beth Robison; the Nashville McDonald’s; Kalisha Allen; the Willow Manor and Hawthorne Hills Gang; Dr. David Gerchak; the Calas Family; Brittany Allman; Ken Umphrey; Nathan Browning; Pat Bolinger; Joel Bolinger; Alan Birkemeier; Ken Birkemeier; Mike and Angela Manuel; Carol Zapapas and Tony Krug; Rhett and Marilyn Fagg; Michelle Moseley; Kara Adams; Brian and Darla Fenneman; Richard, Amy and Catharina Imming; Rob Sloman; Bill McClain; Audrey Jo Williams; Andy Rudd; Alison Shoaf; Alyssa Besser; the Heather and Adam Ford family; Kathy Rondamanski; Mark and Kristi, Logan and Levi Shields; Mark Sr. and Kathy Shields; Jay and Emily Sichting; Richard Gist; Anna Hofstetter; Mary and Aaron Smith; Cathi and Robert Barzilauskas; Dwight Thompson; Frank Rogoyski; Mary Wertz; Tracey Stogsdill; Ted Adams; Amy and Matt Gray; Betsy Arnold; Tracy Johnson; Jeff and Marie Mooney; Mark and Kelli Bruner; Barry and Debbie Herring and gang; Courtney Gosser; Kevin and Marlene Snyder; Adina Francis; Mandy Kay; Zelton Kay; Jeff Watts; Carole Page and Shelley Macdonald.

Thank you to Scott Southerland, Keith Baker and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department for providing security for the event; and to Access Brown County drivers Warren Schade and Phil LeBlanc for providing shuttle service between the CVS and YMCA.

We are all looking forward to next year!

Kim Robinson, executive director, Brown County YMCA; Mark Shields, director, Brown County Parks and Recreation

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