Fine Print: Civil court Oct. 13-23

New suits filed

Oct. 13

U.S. Bank Trust N A vs. Jeremy D. McCain, Samantha A. McCain, State of Indiana Attorney General, State of Indiana Department of Revenue, unknown occupant if any at 1355 East Hornettown Road, mortgage foreclosure

Oct. 16

Progressive Southeastern Insurance Co. vs. James Reed, civil tort

Oct. 17

Petitioner James Bowyer in the estate of Kenneth R. Harden, petition to open an estate and appoint an administrator

Oct. 18

Kelly M. Lambert vs. Travas C. Haines, dissolution of marriage

David Hampton vs. Theodore Adams, Indiana BMV, petition for specialized driving privileges

Oct. 23

Kyle William Priddy vs. Allyson Lee Priddy, dissolution of marriage

Dennis Smith, Carolyn Smith vs. Christina Thrasher, civil plenary

Small claims

Oct. 16

Amanda Webb vs. Christina Abney

Ryan Allen vs. Ben Akers, Shae Akers

Oct. 17

Jerry Hall vs. Thomas Eagleson

Oct. 18

Bruce Maddux vs. Peggy Williamson

Oct. 20

Justin Hutchens vs. Katherine Farris