Men accused of breaking into home

JACKSON TWP. — Two Columbus men were arrested June 23 after being seen at a Morrison Road home that been burglarized three days earlier.

Relatives of the landowner reported finding Adam K. Thompson, 26, and Tanner J. Ward, 28, on the property in the 4700 block of Morrison Road.

The relatives told Brown County sheriff’s deputy Colton Magner that they found a window open on the northwest side of the house with a cooler placed under it. They had checked the property the previous night and the cooler had been in the yard, they said.

When one of the relatives took a photo of the vehicle and the license plate with the men inside, Thompson became “very nervous” and was in a hurry to leave, the police report said.

Magner was able to stop the white BMW that Ward was driving. He reported finding stolen items in the glove box, including a silver pocket watch on a chain. On the chain was a class ring with the property tenant’s name on it, the report said.

Thompson told police he had found the items by the mailbox at the house. The tenant reported the items were stolen from a shelf in the living room June 20.

Police also reported finding two antidepressant pills in Thompson’s bag.

Thompson had two other felony theft charges on his record from 2010, Magner reported.

Ward was found to be a habitual traffic violator with a driver’s license that was suspended for five years.

On July 31, Thompson and Ward were both charged with Level 4 burglary and Level 6 felony theft.

Thompson also was charged with unlawful possession of a legend drug, Level 6 felony, and Ward was charged with operating a vehicle as a habitual traffic violator, a Level 6 felony.