Fairest of them all: Satter wins fair queen, also chosen as Miss Congeniality

Kendra Satter’s hands were still shaking as she made her way out of the pavilion at the Brown County Fairgrounds with a large tiara on her head and a smile equally as big on her face.

Moments ago, Satter was announced as Miss Congeniality of the 2017 Brown County Fair.

“I was like ‘OK,’ I didn’t see that one coming, but I was still so thankful to have received (the title),” Satter said.

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As she stood there holding flowers and wearing a small crown, it was announced she had won the biggest crown, too.

“When they said contestant number three … I went into shock. I can’t even talk still,” she said. “I’m just so happy.”

Her mother Michelle said she was probably more nervous than Kendra. She said her daughter winning Miss Congeniality was not a surprise. “Her personality just woos everyone, so congeniality does not surprise me at all,” she said.

About her also winning queen, “It’s overwhelming to me as a parent, too. I’m proud,” she said.

It took some persuasion to get Satter to compete. “A lot of people were trying to talk me into it. I was still uneasy,” she said.

“I’ve never been one to be up in front of crowds, but I kind of got over the stage fright.”

She had competed as a child in the Junior/Little Pageant, but didn’t win. “(Not winning as a child) also led me to be nervous about this year doing something like this all over again,” she said.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity and that I did (though). I couldn’t be more thankful for this title.”

During the pageant, Satter was asked what was the most difficult thing she had to overcome.

Tears began to fill her eyes when she began to speak about losing three grandfathers in 2016.

“I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It made me stronger. … Now they are watching over me,” she said.

Outside of the pavilion, Satter said she hoped her grandfathers were proud of her win.

She now has a long week of official duties ahead of her as the fair begins, but she’s already thinking of what she’ll take away from the pageant experience. It’s the friendships.

“I became so close to all of them and they all had a huge impact. I struggled with nerves and they all were just there to calm me down,” she said.

She said she hopes to inspire young girls as the 2017 Brown County Fair queen.

“I want to inspire them to see things I haven’t always seen in myself, that everybody is unique and beautiful.”

“I wouldn’t choose another place in the world to stand for,” she said.

“I am so happy and I am excited to represent Brown County this year.”

Queen's court

First runner-up: Hannah Huber

Miss Congeniality: Kendra Satter

Princess: Jessica Taylor

First Brown County Fair Princess crowned

Jessica Taylor smiles after being crowned the first Brown County Fair Princess on July 30. Suzannah Couch
Jessica Taylor smiles after being crowned the first Brown County Fair Princess on July 30. Suzannah Couch

Jessica Taylor’s favorite Disney princess has always been Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Now, the 17-year-old is living out every little girl’s dream.

This is the first time a princess has been crowned during the Brown County Fair Queen pageant. The under-18 contestants were eligible in order to make sure the girl who won queen was old enough to compete at the state level, Director Maggie Evans said.

“It’s exciting, since I am the first princess, to see what I have to do and what I get to do alongside the queen,” Taylor said.

She competed in the queen pageant last year, but didn’t place. That wasn’t going to make her give up, though.

“The judges last year actually told me that I was very good, but just not old enough to place,” she said.

Taylor said the moment her name was announced was “exhilarating” and she won’t forget about that feeling title anytime soon.

“I’ll probably bring this up when I’m married. ‘I was a princess,’” she said.

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