Letters: Love the county you moved to or leave it

To the editor:

Brown County is paradise to my family. When moving here 15 years ago, we were fortunate to work with a local real estate agent who helped us find the property of our dreams. Nestled in beautiful Bean Blossom, we look forward to spending summers with family and friends, connecting around bonfires. We look forward every summer to the distant sounds of our Brown County Dragstrip and the varied musical venues presented at Bill Monroe’s Music Park. I even plan vacation time around our festivals just to be able to enjoy more of a good thing.

My concern is folks who are recent “Brown County converts.” These are people who have moved here from out of town or even out of state. They are now trying to change what Brown County has always been. Most people research the area where they are moving to, so I’m sure our way of life in Brown County was no surprise and even part of the reason folks decide to purchase their dream home in our quaint community. I’m opposed to city folk trying to change the very charm that brought them to Brown County and Bean Blossom in the first place. I urge my fellow neighbors and true Brown Countians to stand up and make your voices known that you want to keep the Brown County that we’ve always had.

How about the “noise” ordinance? Let’s get real her.! My research has indicated that while Nashville does have a noise ordinance, Brown County at large does not. And folks, if these people get their way complaining about Bill Monroe’s Music Park, what’s next? Are they going to start in on other country noises, like a rooster crowing, hunting, your kid’s dirt bike, cows mooing, tractors harvesting in the fields? I think you get my point.

Again, Brown County residents have had the pleasure for at least the last 50 years of enjoying the music late into the night. I live across the field from the music park and have only once been awakened by the music. Once inside my home, I’m unable to hear the music unless I open my windows or go outside. My comment to those complainers is to be creative, go inside or turn on your own type of music, but stop trying to change and take away what we true Brown County natives have grown up with. This is our heritage and if you’re upset about it, find another place to call home. Either way, we’d kindly appreciate it if you’d stop the harassment against our community.

Summer’s here. We all have the choice to enjoy our community outside and embrace the sounds of Brown County or stay nestled inside your home with a good book or whatever your hobby is. Love the Brown County you moved to or leave it!


Karen Brock, Bean Blossom AKA “Paradise”

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