Seniors who make under a certain amount of money per month can enroll to get a free box of food each month from Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

The 40-pound box contains staple food items, including two boxes of cereal, two bags of pasta, two bottles of juice, two cartons of shelf-stable milk, canned fruits and vegetables, a protein item such as beans or peanut butter, a can of beef stew, and a two-pound block of cheese.

Seniors who sign up before the Monday, July 17, distribution will receive two boxes, one each for July and August.

Once a senior is enrolled, he or she can receive a box every month.

To qualify, seniors must live in Brown County, be 60 or older, and earn a total household income of 130 percent or less of the federal income poverty level. For a one-person household this is currently $1,307 a month or $15,678 a year; for a two-person household this is $1,760 a month or $21,112 a year.

To sign up, call Hoosier Hills Food Bank at 812-334-8374 and fill out an application with food bank staff over the phone.

Upon enrollment, seniors will get more details on when and where to pick up their boxes. When picking up, seniors will need to verify their address with a photo I.D.