Nashville woman faces felony battery charge

CAMP ROBERTS — Police say a Brown County woman crashed a rental car and tried to hit an officer before she hit another man standing nearby, all in the presence of two children.

On July 5, Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Jackson responded to the 1800 block of State Road 135 South for a crash with property damage at around 6:45 a.m. Nashville Police Assistant Chief Tim True was already on the scene and reported the driver, Shanda Reeves, 23, had backed her rental car out of a driveway and into a ditch.

A man at the home had pulled the car out. True reported that he believed both of them were under the influence, the probable-cause affidavit said.

Reeves told Jackson she had backed the car up using the car’s camera and the car went into a ditch on the other side of the road. Jackson reported that Reeves’ speech was slurred and when he asked her about it, she became upset, saying she was tired and needed to go to work, the report said.

When Jackson asked for her license and registration, Reeves said she didn’t have a license and threw the car’s registration at Jackson.

Jackson asked Reeves to step out of the car, and she slammed the car door and went over to a tree and punched it. When asked to stop punching the tree, Reeves turned toward Jackson and attempted to punch him before the other man on the scene stepped in to stop her, the report said.

Reeves then began punching that man. Jackson grabbed her wrist to stop her and she fell to the ground, saying that Jackson threw her. Jackson wrote that he did not use any force on Reeves.

True reported that while Jackson was handcuffing Reeves, the male victim tried to lunge at Jackson, but True grabbed him by the arm and shoved him back.

Two children in diapers were playing in the yard during the incident, Jackson reported. The Department of Child Services was contacted.

Reeves was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital for a blood draw. She said she took one 7.5 mg hydrocodone pill at about 1 a.m., and if anything else was found in her system, someone “would have had to have planted it in her,” the affidavit said. She was booked into the Brown County jail.

On July 6 she was charged with domestic battery, a Level 6 felony because it occurred in the presence of children, and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor.