Letters: Property owners respond to vision for teen park

To the editor:

As stated in the July 5 edition of The Democrat, we were approached two weeks ago by Isaiah Smith, his mother, Colleen, and Brenda Dewees regarding the purchase of our property for Isaiah’s concept for a teen park.

We must say that Isaiah’s presentation was certainly the most professional, thoroughly organized and well thought out proposal we’ve seen thus far regarding the use of our property on South Jefferson Street.

That being said, we’ve since spoken with Isaiah and his mother, and after purposeful consideration, let them know that we feel that a skateboard/teen park is a bit more active than the vision we have for the natural environment of the green space/park atmosphere we’ve created there.

However, we agree with Isaiah’s recommendation and one also put forth in a wonderful letter to the editor on April 19 by Parker Scott, stating that the teen park should be designated to Deer Run Park and accessed by an extension of the Salt Creek Trail.

Not only would that help the skateboarders and teens easily get from school to the park, it would provide a safer alternative rather than navigating Helmsburg Road and its traffic. Extending the trail would also provide an opportunity for families to enjoy a peaceful route to get to Deer Run Park. Over the years we have heard so many folks, both young and old, say how nice it would be to enjoy biking, walking or strolling a young child along a trail to Deer Run. We believe this extension of the trail would compliment the residents of Nashville and Brown County.

While this isn’t an original idea, it is one that gets put on a shelf far too often. We hope the Salt Creek Trail Committee might give this idea due consideration and move it up from its present position as Phase Four to Phase Two.

Let’s keep in mind that Isaiah Smith and Parker Scott have a vision. Aren’t positive, intelligent ideas what we are hoping for from young people? It seems to us that they have listened to healthy influences, discovered important ways to form ideas, been creative, found solutions, and taken action to achieve a goal. Isn’t that what we want our youth to aspire to?

How lucky we are to have young people like Parker and Isaiah who want to give back to their community and peers.

We hope the community will help and support these young men and Kids on Wheels.

Lucinda David and Robert Vernon, Brown County

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