Letters: Remembering Schooner Valley’s special neighbor

To the editor:

We lost ours. There will be no big fanfare. We will pay our respects and remember.

But, how do you say goodbye to that special neighbor?

Some knew him when he was born. Others, he became friends with throughout his short life.

He held his neighborhood together by what he did, and how he felt about each one of us. He was with each one of us in his own special way.

The visitor that just stopped in to check on you.

The person that fixed that old hay baler when no one else could.

Gave you a hug when he knew you needed it.

Gave you information when sometimes you had no idea what he was telling you because he was so smart it went right over your head.

Showed you how to work your computer before you threw something at it or shot it.

Watched your dogs/cats/horses while you were away and check on your home; I think he had keys to many of his friends’ homes. He was trusted by everyone.

Called you in the middle of the night to have you listen to something on the shortwave radio. Yes he was a Ham radio operator.

Fixed a car so it could last 26 years. I am sure there was nothing he could not fix. OK, there may have been a time or two when he would say give up on it (only because he could not find parts or make them).

His brain was so full and he shared what was in it with all of us. He gave each one of us the ability to try and do things to make things a bit easier and better — too many to list; it would take the entire newspaper.

But the part of him that was so big was his heart, and that belonged to his neighbors, friends and family whom he thought of as his to take care of.

Schooner Valley was his and we will all miss him because he was to many a son, friend, brother, mentor. He was our Mr. Fix-it in every way.

There will be tears, but they will pass. Our memories will be with us for as long as each of his neighbors live.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Bennett Hatchett, for being one of God’s special angels and being a part of our lives.

We will not say good-bye; we will see you when we see you.

From all your neighbors in your valley,

Phyllis Riskey, Brown County

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