Seat-belt stop results in paraphernalia charge

A town officer participating in Operation Pullover found two passengers without seat belts and a driver with drug paraphernalia, a report said.

Nashville Police Officer Richard King was looking for people who weren’t wearing seat belts as part of a special enforcement effort. He saw two women in a Dodge Dakota who didn’t have their belts on, and stopped the driver, Ezra Burke, in the Hoosier Buddy parking lot.

The woman in the center seat told King that she took her belt off when the vehicle stopped. But when he asked her to put it back on again, she pulled it out from under the seat and admitted she wasn’t wearing it. King wrote both women tickets, and wrote Burke a warning for having expired insurance.

King asked them twice if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. On the second time, Burke admitted there was a bowl used to smoke marijuana in the center console, the report said.

Burke, 20, of West Robertson Road, was charged with misdemeanor possession June 9.