Man charged with battery after spitting in woman’s face

A Brown County man faces two battery charges after police say he entered a gas station, cursed out a woman and spit in her face.

The manager of the gas station pulled the security footage from June 15 for Nashville Police Officer Keith Lawson to watch. He reported seeing Gregory D. Rea Jr., 32, go in and out of the gas station yelling, cursing and calling the victim names.

At one point, Rea demanded a cigarette, walked outside, and when the woman walked outside, he threatened to “beat her” like “a man,” the probable cause affidavit states.

Once back inside, Rea continued to threaten the victim saying he would knock her teeth out if she “disrespected” him again, the affidavit states.

Lawson reported the victim was backed away from the counter as far as she could be during the entire confrontation. The video later shows Rea leaning over the counter and spitting in the woman’s face.

Rea, of State Road 45, was charged June 15 with domestic battery by bodily waste, a Class A misdemeanor; and battery, a Class B misdemeanor.