Two arrested for drugs after domestic incident

Police arrested a man and a woman on drug charges after responding to a report of an argument at a Nashville hotel.

Nashville Police Assistant Chief Tim True and Officer Keith Lawson arrived at the hotel around 5:20 p.m. June 20. They were met by Summer A. Addison, 21, of Deer Drive, who told them nothing happened.

She told police that Wraythe L. Parker, 28, of Apsen Drive, was in the hotel room. After knocking repeatedly with no response and announcing his presence, True entered the room “due to the nature of the call,” the affidavit said.

No one was inside, and as True was walking to the back door to exit, he reported seeing two syringes on a bed, one syringe on the nightstand and a grill lighter that had been broken.

Officer Brian Lucas was able to find and detain Parker. He told police that Addison was hooked on heroin and said the syringes belonged to her. He denied that he had been fighting her.

Addison told True that the syringes belonged to another man who had been there earlier and left. She told him that she, Parker and the other man had shot up heroin the night before. She gave True consent to search the room, including bags.

Police reported finding a first aid zipper pouch that had another man’s name and “Junkie Kit” written on it. Inside the pouch True reported finding a “dime baggy” of cotton balls, a folding knife, a spoon with black charring on the bottom and two semi-charred cotton balls in the spoon.

In the top drawer of the nightstand was a white pen tube with a tan, powdery substance inside that True believed to be heroin. It was sent to a crime lab for further testing.

Officers also found a large-gauge syringe with a clear liquid inside which Addison said was naloxone. She told police she got the needle from the Monroe County needle exchange program.

Parker later told True that he had shot up the night before but that he didn’t stay the night in the room. True reported seeing fresh needle marks on Addison and Parker, including on Addison’s neck where Parker said she injects heroin, according to the affidavit.

Addison gave True consent to search her cellphone. The two were taken to the Brown County jail.

On June 21, Addison was charged with unlawful possession of a syringe, a Level 6 felony. Parker was charged with two counts of unlawfully possessing a syringe.