Letters: Questioning leadership in economic development

To the editor:

We have no leadership.

Our officials, who have ignored the affect of criminality, have stupidly succumbed to business tactics and now they are in trouble.

The vision of a booze-saturated town to draw revenue is one created by outsiders. It was packaged and sold to our officials as a means to exhibit leadership and as a solution to the dwindling integrity of our community.

Signing deals behind closed doors without our community’s knowledge or consent, and also without fully comprehending what they were getting into, is a mistake our government made years ago.

And now, worse than any proposed project of the Stellar designation, we shall have a grand party city on “Firecracker Hill” (and God knows what else!) as well as a “shining star” of a concert hall in a field next to a certain establishment commonly known to be under criminal investigations.

These projects can only further degrade our community, and so herein lies the stupidity of our officials: They cannot project leadership (and so secure their jobs/offices) while folk who are the body politic (community members) suffer the prescription of a statewide economic development plan, which denotes a hint of fascism; supported by the monstrous authority of money market capitalism.

The fine, helpful and trusting community we have will lose its sense of security as crime rates soar and as confidence in government continues to erode. At that point we will cease to be so fine, helpful and trusting. I implore readers to think about this carefully.

Consider these items and others as you consider the actions of our officials in the coming months.

Though we can hardly use the term “our officials,” can we? They fell into the pockets of rich outsiders and have relied too heavily upon the influence of escape artists who moved here hoping to find a better life — the possibility of which will go away, should officials persist in operating government as a business.

John Douglas, Nashville

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