Suspicious vehicle at park results in drug arrests

Three Brown County residents were arrested early in the morning May 25 after a Nashville police officer investigated a suspicious vehicle at Deer Run Park.

Officer Richard King saw a suspicious vehicle driving in the area. His report said he saw it stop near the park’s parking lot exit and turn its lights off.

When King approached the vehicle, he was met by Jessica G. Davis, 35, and Shawn T. O’Neill, 32. A third man — later identified as Kyle F. Foley, 34 — ran into the bathroom, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

Davis and O’Neill told King they had planned to go fishing in a creek at a friend’s house. King asked where their fishing poles were and they didn’t answer, the report said.

King discovered that Davis and O’Neill both had suspended licenses. They said Foley was driving.

Davis gave officers consent to search the vehicle. They found 13 syringes, a soft drink can cut in half with a burnt bottom, and three spoons, the affidavit said.

When asked who the items belonged to, none of the three responded. All were arrested.

While inventorying the vehicle after it was towed, Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Jackson reported finding a black purse with a flashlight inside that contained a white, powdery substance believed to be heroin, the report said.

On May 25, all three were charged with unlawful possession of a syringe and possession of a narcotic drug, both Level 6 felonies. O’Neill also was charged with driving while suspended, a Class A misdemeanor.