Report: Drunken man mooned women at hotel

A visitor who was in a group of pajama-clad men accused of mooning women from a hotel window and harassing them has been charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

An employee at the Comfort Inn told police May 31 that four men had been staying there for work for about a month. She said three of them were out front and had been drinking, and they were yelling “some graphic things” to women who were walking inside.

The women, from Ohio and elsewhere in Indiana, told police that the men had been making fun of them and one of them went to a window and pulled his pants down, mooning them. The women said they also kept coming inside the lobby to tell them how beautiful they were and were making inappropriate comments around their female cousins, ages 16, 11 and 9.

Police found two men on the porch. When asked what they were doing, they responded “Sitting here, listening to music and drinking beer, America,” the report said. When police told them what they were investigating, the men laughed and said it wasn’t them, the report said.

They refused to give police their names; they said they had studied the law for many years and know their rights, the report said. They eventually gave their names, but not their dates of birth.

One of them shared his birth date after police started to handcuff him; the other, Jason Jessop, 36, of Colorado City, Arizona, used profanity at police. He was taken into custody.

Jessop was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital because a breath test showed his blood-alcohol content at 0.289, more than three times the legal limit of intoxication. He then went back to the jail and was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.