Driver who nearly collided with officer faces charges

A driver who passed a stopped officer without moving over to the other lane ended up being arrested on drug charges, along with a passenger.

Nashville Police Officer Richard King had just finished a traffic stop in front of the Law Enforcement Center when he was passed by a brown Chevrolet, which almost collided with his police vehicle, his report said.

He pursued it on State Road 46 East eastbound and while checking the license plate, found that it was registered to a green Ford, the report said.

King stopped the vehicle just west of Parkview Road. While speaking with the driver, Elijah “Alexander” Dyer, King smelled marijuana, his report said. He asked Dyer and the passenger, Gary Lee Sizemore, where the marijuana was, and they told him it was in the back seat, the report said.

Officers found about 1 gram of marijuana on the back floorboard and one “bowl,” which is used to smoke it. Both men told officers the drugs and paraphernalia were theirs, the report said.

Dyer, 31, and Sizemore, 25, who were listed as living at the same address in Columbus, were each charged June 9 with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.