Driver, passenger charged with marijuana possession

A driver who failed to signal a turn was arrested on drug charges, and so was his passenger.

Scott Vanzo, 38, of Longmont, Colorado, and Kristin M. Knapp, 37, of Indianapolis, were stopped at KOA Drive and State Road 46 on May 13 after Vanzo didn’t signal a turn from the gas station, a police report said.

Knapp told Nashville Police Officer Michael Williams that there were no illegal drugs in the vehicle; Vanzo admitted that there was a small amount of marijuana in the back but said they had not been smoking.

Officers found about 3.4 grams of marijuana, a vaporizing smoking device containing marijuana wax, and a smoking pipe in the vehicle, the police report said. They were issued summons to appear in court.

Both were charged June 13 with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.