Police: Home repairman stole hydrocodone pills, banana

A man who was doing work at a Brown County home was arrested after the homeowner reported he stole a banana and hydrocodone pills from the kitchen.

The homeowner told police that pills had come up missing after the workers had been at the house in January. He called them back to do more repairs May 15, and this time, he set up a camera in the kitchen near where the pills were stored.

Det. Paul Henderson watched the video. His report said it showed David G. Schlabach Jr. open a cabinet and look in it, then return to the kitchen, take a banana from the counter and put it in his pocket. He then made another trip to the kitchen when he washed his hands, went to the cabinet he was looking in earlier, dumped pills out of the bottle and put the bottle back, the report said.

Officers went to the home on May 16 and questioned Schlabach. He denied taking the medication but admitted to taking the banana. Officers searched him and reported finding a glasses case in his pocket containing green marijuana and a pipe with burnt residue, as well as four pills of unknown type in cellophane wrappings and two hydrocodone tablets mixed in with aspirin inside an aspirin bottle.

Schlabach, 56, of Anderson, was charged May 25 with possession of a narcotic drug, a Level 6 felony, and theft and possession of marijuana, both misdemeanors.