Letter: New provider will shoot Lions fireworks this year

To the editor:

A few days ago I returned a phone call to the fireworks chairman of the Brown County Lions Club, which informed me the club needed to find someone else to do the fireworks display.

On behalf of the fireworks crew and Central States Fireworks Inc., we extend our heartfelt thanks to the spectators, merchants, individuals, the local Boy Scout troop, the Brown County school corporation, the Nashville fire department and Knight’s Trash Removal for support, monetary donations and volunteering of time and/or services. You all have had an important part in the safe and awesome fireworks displays over the years.

When you see members of the crew out in the community, please take a moment to shake their hands. They all have donated countless hours in preparation and support for these displays over the years. The crew, including me, made a standing agreement to not receive shoot fees, commissions, mileage reimbursement, etc. These funds were added to each display every year by additional product.

It has always been important to me to have the best fireworks display possible for Brown County. The crew and Central States willingly gave the support needed to make this happen. The crew has represented Central States safely and professionally. I can’t thank them enough. Please join me in expressing thanks.

This year marks 51-plus years that I have had the privilege of doing fireworks displays in Brown County. Thank you! I hope it all has made a positive difference.

Don Altop, Brown County

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