Shelter open at YMCA for those without power

An emergency shelter has been opened at the Brown County YMCA since there are about 1,700 Brown Countians still without power. A storm took it out earlier this evening, along with several trees throughout the county.

Brown County Emergency Management Agency Director Susan Armstrong said the shelter, 107 Willow St., will be open as long as people need it.

She said she’s been monitoring all the tree-down calls the highway department has been handling and many emergency medical runs, but other than those, she wasn’t aware of any major emergencies caused by the severe weather.

Brown County is under a flood advisory until 2 a.m. Saturday.

Armstrong said a second storm system is coming up from Evansville which has developed a couple of tornado warnings, but it’s not certain it’s coming toward Brown County yet.

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Sara Clifford has been raising a family in Brown County since 2005 and leading the Brown County Democrat since late 2009. In addition to editor, she is the beat reporter for town government and writes columns, features and general news stories.