JACKSON TWP. — A double-yellow line will soon appear on Railroad Road after concerns have been raised about speeding and unsafe passing on the detour route.

Brown County Highway Superintendent Mike Magner told the county commissioners April 19 that he was contracting with Indiana Traffic Services LLC to paint the lines in the center of the county road from State Road 45 to State Road 135.

It will cost $6,241.20 from Magner’s local road and street fund.

A double-yellow line means no passing.

Railroad Road is being used as a detour around bridge work on State Road 135, expected to last until the beginning of August.

Earlier this month, a Unionville man was flown to a hospital after crashing on Railroad Road while attempting to pass a trash truck.

Some drivers also had asked for white lines along the edges of the road, but Magner said that because of the road’s width, white lines cannot be added along with double-yellow lines.

“Hopefully that will slow them down, too, and once it’s striped as no passing, that also can be enforced by law enforcement along with the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit,” Magner said.