Poets corner

Are You Happy, Pa?

While driving home from the ice cream store, Greg’s granddaughter Avery watched him finish his ice cream cone. She asked, “Are you happy, Pa?”As an adult what does it take to make us happy?

Is it a big house, a red convertible, jewelry or money?

Have you ever thought about how God created us with a heart that is not happy until it is filled with His forgiveness and love?

God then calls us to serve and reach out in love to help others.

What is happiness? Happiness is sharing an ice cream cone with your grandchildren.

Grandpa Greg will not forget the day Avery asked, “Are you happy, Pa?”

— Janet Taggart, Nashville

Being Sightless

The thing about life is that,

We already have the front row seat,

We already have the deep broken darkness,

And eternal lightness.

We carry it in our heart.

We carry it in our being.

We see what we choose to see.

Choice is our prism to the sun’s holy light.

And the substance of our being,

Is like clinging roots to wet earth,

Dry faith amidst drought,

And perennial birth.

— Neil Frederick, Nashville

The Little Girl Who Worked Hard at Playing

This little girl worked hard a dressing her dolls and playing house.

One day she chased her brother down to put a dress on him

Their mom heard him crying, “I can’t get this dress off.”

When Mom came to his rescue, it put a smile on his face.

This little girl thought, “Oh! Maybe I should dress the cat. Here, kitty, kitty.

She was always waiting on Grandma Mary’s call.

At Grandma Mary’s they cleaned, baked and cut brush.

Grandma Mary’s motto was, “First you work and then you play.”

In the evenings when work was done they played horseshoes, waded in the creek and ate special treats.

Grown now, our daughter still lives by Grandma Mary’s motto.

— Janet Taggart, Nashville

A Butterfly Lit on Susie’s Nose

After I hung my clothes on the line

I sat in my swing and felt just fine

Susie our cat jumped on my lap

After swinging a while she took a nap

While napping a butterfly lit on her nose

It sat there a while as it were froze

It flew away and lit on my clothes

Now Susie will never know a butterfly lit on her nose.

— Janet Taggart, Nashville

Our Little White House

Our little house is white with a white picket fence.

The little white house has a red door that welcomes friends and neighbors.

Behind our little white house is a creek.

Inside our little white house, if the walls could talk, it would tell a story of love, some sad stories, but mostly love and laughter.

Our little white house has sheltered us from stormy weather both physical and spiritual.

If I could I’d wrap our little white house in a package and keep it forever.

— Janet Taggart, Nashville

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