COUNTY NEWS: Solid waste district law changed for Brown County

The Brown County Solid Waste Management District Board is now square with state law after a state law was changed specifically for it.

Senate Bill 300 was written and introduced by District 44 Sen. Eric Koch, R-Bedford. District 65 Rep. Chris May, R-Bedford, sponsored it in the House.

The bill amends a mandate that one of the seats on a solid waste district board be appointed by a municipality that is not the largest in the county.

Brown County is unique in this situation, as it is the only county in the state with just one municipality: Nashville, May’s office reported in a press release.

The bill puts into code the current arrangement on the BCSWMD board: that the seat intended for the second-largest municipality in the county goes to a conservancy district.

The bill says the smaller municipality seat must be appointed by a conservancy district located entirely within the county and be filled a freeholder resident of that district.

The Brown County Solid Waste Management District was established in 1991 to serve all of Brown County, including Nashville and Cordry Sweetwater. Board members and staff work to reduce the amount of recyclable materials going to landfills and educate the public about waste reduction, reuse and recycling, and to implement programs in these areas.

The bill passed the House of Representatives and Senate and can now be signed into law by the governor.