Teen charged after underage party

Charges have been filed against an Indianapolis teen related to an underage drinking party last summer in Brown County State Park.

Indiana Conservation Officer Joseph Tenbarge was called to the campground by park security June 21. The security officer told Tenbarge that he had dealt with the group earlier in the evening for a noise complaint. He said he believed everyone was younger than 21 and that he heard the group talking about putting alcoholic beverages into a cooler.

Tenbarge reported that he watched Edgar F. Aleman Martinez, 19, cut open cigars, dump out the tobacco and fill the cigars with marijuana. He also reported seeing Martinez drink from a beer bottle.

Martinez passed the marijuana cigar around to the group before beginning to make another, the report said. At this time, Tenbarge and the security officer entered the campsite and identified themselves.

Martinez gave Tenbarge the cigar he had just made and another minor handed him a baggie of marijuana, the affidavit said.

Martinez and another minor told Tenbarge they had been drinking. Martinez’s blood-alcohol content was 0.02 and the other minor’s was 0.01. The other minors also took breath tests which did not show the presence of alcohol.

Martinez was officially charged Jan. 25 with possession of marijuana and illegal possession of an alcoholic beverage, both misdemeanors.

He was summoned to court Feb. 21, but failed to appear. A warrant was issued for his arrest March 16. The report on the other two juveniles was forwarded to the juvenile probation department.