The Nashville Town Council plans to review the fiscal study related to the Big Woods Brewing Co. expansion during a special meeting Monday, March 27.

The study is expected to include information about the cost of providing services to 94 acres of Firecracker Hill if that land is annexed into Nashville corporate limits, as the parcel owners have requested.

It is also expected to lay out the general economic impact on the town, said Town Attorney James T. Roberts.

The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall. The preparer of the report will attend to explain the data, Roberts said.

That report will be followed by a final public hearing for annexation. Roberts said discussion at the hearing will be limited to the issues contained in the fiscal report — “not land use, not smell; we will be talking about the cost of services and the economic impact on the town.”

Notes to Note: Trash cans, light bulbs

In his monthly Notes to Note ordinance reminder, town council President “Buzz” King repeated an old one: Trash cans on Nashville streets are for pedestrians to put their trash in. They are not for shopkeepers to empty their trash cans into.

He also asks residents to report any street lights they see that aren’t working to Town Hall. Some are the responsibility of town maintenance crews and some must be replaced by the state highway department, but they can report those if they know about them.