Man charged after threatening officer

A Nashville man has been charged with a felony after police said he made threats of bodily harm toward a Nashville police officer.

William E. Kriete Jr., 33, was charged March 15 with intimidation, a Level 6 felony. His co-workers at a local gas station said he had threatened bodily harm against Officer Kyle Seward.

Kriete was upset with Seward because he believed Seward was harassing and stalking him, according to a police report by Nashville Police investigator Brian Lucas.

Kriete had been pulled over for driving with a suspended license three times, on Dec. 1, Jan. 16 and Jan. 26, the report said. Two of the traffic stops were conducted by Seward.

After the third traffic stop, Kriete was arrested.

On March 4, Officer Michael Williams stopped a vehicle driven by a relative of Kriete’s who had never received a driver’s license.

That day, a woman called the Brown County Sheriff’s Department to file a harassment complaint on behalf of Kriete and a relative of his.

Lt. Mike Moore told her that stopping a person for breaking the law was not harassment.

Since the woman was not satisfied with the answer, she was told to file a complaint with Nashville Police Chief Ben Seastrom. As of March 15, no complaint had been filed.

On March 13, Seward went to the gas station where Kriete works and was told by one of the employees that Kriete had said he filed a complaint against Seward.

The employee said Kriete stated that “if the county didn’t take care of Kyle (Seward),” then he would catch Seward off-duty and “catch a battery charge” and “keep doing it.”

A second employee said she also heard Kriete make threats of bodily harm against Seward.