Work-from-home scams appear to be increasing

The Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General is warning Hoosiers about an increase in work-from-home email scams that can compromise personal or sensitive information.

The scammers will often offer high-paying jobs from $20 to $24 an hour, the Attorney General’s office said. The jobs promote flexible work hours. The scam emails typically request private information such as a phone, copy of state identification and bank account information.

People should never send such information via email, the CPD warns.

Emails from scammers may include links to websites set up to appear to represent professional businesses. Scammers may also tell people they need to purchase specialized equipment for the job with a promise of reimbursement once the victim begins the job, the press release states.

The CPD is warning Hoosiers who are searching for employment using career sites to use their “better judgment” responding to emails regarding job opportunities. Another red flag is the scammer attempting to do a job interview via text message, the news release states.

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