Woman pepper-sprayed after resisting arrest

A Nashville woman was arrested for resisting arrest after police responded to a report of a person walking in the road and talking to herself while taking her shirt off and on.

Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Williams arrived to the intersection of Mt. Liberty and Rinnie Seitz roads at about 2:15 p.m. March 4. He found Kayla Dilk, 22, walking and waving her right arm as if she was using her hands to talk with someone, a probable cause affidavit states.

Dispatch had said the woman was wearing a flannel shirt, but Williams said Dilk was not wearing a flannel shirt. Williams asked if she had another shirt she had taken off and Dilk said she only had on one shirt, the report said.

When Williams asked Dilk for her identification, she told him it was “very complicated” and that she wasn’t going to talk with him. Williams continued to ask Dilk for her name. She refused and used profanities, the probable cause affidavit said.

Dilk told Williams she was walking because she was aggravated and needed some air. The officer saw a large bruise and red spot on her right arm and Dilk told him she slammed a door into her arm, the report said.

When asked again for her name, Dilk said she would give him her Social Security number, but not her name. After the officer told her that it was illegal not to tell an officer your name when asked, Dilk began walking away from Williams, ignoring his request to come back.

Williams’ report said he suspected Dilk was under “some type of controlled substance” based on her behavior and spots on her face.

While waiting on backup, Williams caught up with Dilk and tried to detain her until he could figure out her name; Dilk refused orders and used profanities. After she refused to put her hands behind her back, Williams put Dilk on the ground and she flailed around and tried to bite Williams as he tried to get her on her back, the report said.

A passer-by stopped and offered to help, and Williams threw his handcuffs toward the man as he tried to get control of Dilk’s hands. Williams then threatened to use pepper spray on Dilk if she didn’t turn over and put her hands behind her back. Dilk told the officer, “not until you kiss me,” the report said.

Dilk continued to resist after Williams sprayed her, the report said.

Lt. Mike Moore arrived and the two officers were able to handcuff her, the affidavit said. EMS arrived shortly thereafter and treated Dilk for the pepper spray and small cuts on her arms from the struggle.

Dilk eventually told the officers her name and birthday, but not where she lived. When asked if she had used drugs recently, she told Williams “not recently,” the report said.

During the struggle, Dilk dropped a grinder, the report said.

Williams reported finding a flannel shirt in the road after Dilk was taken to jail.

She was charged March 6 with resisting law enforcement, a Level 6 felony; and possession of paraphernalia, a Class C misdemeanor.